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Black Woman Objectified Used for Pleasure.

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Black Woman Objectified By DOM

Well, so she obliged. After a nice dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant, I decided to make her an object of desire. She looked naïve, innocent and unaware about the darkness of intimacy that enters the soul.

She sat there, in a kneeling position as I placed cuffs on her, a collar and changed her name to Kitty. Her soul leapt out from her stoic exterior.  I placed my hand on her brown neck, she felt soft and warm. A Taurus.

 She had never done this before. I then placed my thumb on her lip. I dared not put myself in her yet, but rather spank her for being such a naughty bee. Did I tell you she had a boyfriend, the poor fellow too immersed in video games and beating it up…? I opened a new dimension in my consciousness; I discovered that black women are in essence sexual, just in denial. She pleased me. We will do it again, this time in her boyfriend’s bed….free your soul.


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