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Ok, So His White Wife is My Lover and He knows it.

You are married, get a black lover!

Ok, there is nothing wrong in a white wife having a black lover with hubby’s blessing of course. Therefore, I find myself with a sexy, hotwife for the weekend on their vacation in Florida. I have known Jessica for three years now. She has been married for 20 plus years, and they have two kids, not to mention their sprawling home on the outskirts of town.

We are lovers, we do not stay together, but we meet a lot for intense exploration of each other’s passions, only RULE is that Hubby should be present. I respect rules and boundaries, J. has been very pleasant, and he allows me to join them in their vacations sometimes, paying for my hotel room at the super eight, Days Inn or Motel 6. They prefer five star hotels. I pay for my trip. If they do have kids around, he allows Jessica to come over for lovemaking whilst he watches the kids, such a real man, not a jealous caveman concerned about traditional roles.

Reason I write is that every married white woman today should find a black lover, a guy you can build a relationship with, for when you need great lovemaking. I mean, Jessica and I have sex as if we are teens, her eternal youth is amazing. Hubby usually falls asleep after midnight, and we just enjoy each other all night and day. In three years, we never have enough of each other. We do not have sex every week. She always blushes when I walk in the room, and she grabs my manhood buried in my crisp trousers with her ring finger.

Lesbian Wife Black Men Fantasy.

Bi-Lesbian Black Men Fantasy.

One of the weirdest encounters I ever had was when a butch suggested that she liked to watch BLACK men violate her white wife. Now I am of a dark sexual orientation and order, allowing for any fancy or fantasy, as long as I am the DOMINANT guiding souls through sexual spiritual magic. After a chat over coffee and a little psychological prowl, I agreed.

I cuffed her in the circle, her blonde hair long and reflecting the candle light. She watched, I placed a collar, then motioned a few HUNG men, when I say hung, I mean big black men. She closed her eyes and I chanted a few words to open up her inner submissive. I warned the men not to touch, or play with her womanhood, it is out of bounds, but ruthlessly violate her rear. They did. In the dim silence she was desecrated, in the circle of life she was opened, as we watched, after a few hours, I motioned the guys to stop, looked deep in her eyes, emotionless and as cold as a serpent, and I asked her, “How does it feel to be a slave to what you hate.”

Lend your WHITE wife to Black Strangers for Submissive Exploration.

Your white wife a hooker for black men.

Come on buddy. You can’t satisfy her, besides she loves black studs anyway, even if you could, what woman doesn’t love to indulge in the fancy of chocolate? Maybe deaf taste buds.

In Florida, in the summer, we take wives, dress them up, take them to bars, and find black men to abuse them. I remember his wife being in a hotel servicing four studs whilst hubby sat in the Camaro outside.

As soon as she entered the room, her senses were flared up, they delighted themselves in her, she gushed like a NYC hydrant in the summer, meaning no foreplay, and just being a hooker for blacks is it.

She is discovering her inner self, through exploring her sexuality; a task hubby could never do due to his manhood disability. Besides, girl want fun, girls love it big and dark, unless they are denied the forbidden fruit of spiritual …. by cave man folk lore, free her.

Black Woman Objectified Used for Pleasure.

Black Woman Objectified By DOM

Well, so she obliged. After a nice dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant, I decided to make her an object of desire. She looked naïve, innocent and unaware about the darkness of intimacy that enters the soul.

She sat there, in a kneeling position as I placed cuffs on her, a collar and changed her name to Kitty. Her soul leapt out from her stoic exterior.  I placed my hand on her brown neck, she felt soft and warm. A Taurus.

 She had never done this before. I then placed my thumb on her lip. I dared not put myself in her yet, but rather spank her for being such a naughty bee. Did I tell you she had a boyfriend, the poor fellow too immersed in video games and beating it up…? I opened a new dimension in my consciousness; I discovered that black women are in essence sexual, just in denial. She pleased me. We will do it again, this time in her boyfriend’s bed….free your soul.

She Is Relegated to Worthless Slave for HUNG Blacks.

White wife relegated to worthless Slave for Blacks.

Now imagine a proper brunette bred in the wealth of gated communities, private schools and designer garments. Once in my hold is objectified into a chattel, her mouth and other personal intimacy become objects for the guys to massage, fondle, pillage, ravage and explore. Yes she is an object, purely there for her chocolate men’s pleasure and total satisfaction be it, visual or verbal. This should motivate you to get a fiancé so you can sit and watch, then maybe she can watch you in her shoes with a few hung studs. It is great being a white hubby isn’t it put on that mini skirt bee boy.

I Dominated His White Girl Friend Spiritually

Black man dominated his white girl friend spiritually.

A man-eating over achiever, she fantasized violation and abuse. Her poor boyfriend sat and watched. Relegated to his desire to be his girlfriend’s femme, he assembled in his Dora the explorer outfit. It became magic as she gushed out ecstasy from the unorthodox fetish of it all. I relished the intensity of it, I am deep within her soul, and she has given up herself for me. I whisper dark desires in her ears, we stare each other deep in the eye, it is cold, it is hot, it is not physical anymore, and it is now spiritual. She has lost control of her body. I own it now.

Domesticating His Wife into Sexual Magic.

Marriage is not about sex, but rather security to explore your desires and lusts. Think of it like this. When you were dating, you threw your heart out there like a fishing road. When you are married, you have a lover that should support your desires. Sexual energy is the only way to a better you. I mean why do have sexual feelings. Sex [when done right] opens up a higher inner awareness, so the time is now to tap into the deep things.

So start finding out what you have held back, get a girlfriend, a thick black stud, a toy, a dom, whatever it is, tap into your inner. Be born anew.


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